Friday, January 18, 2008

Iraq, Never Going to Recover

Bush’s bootlickers on TV and in the GOP are proud to strut around and talk about how the surge is working. How many times do we have to listen to the complete bullshit being peddled by the right and their corporate-media partners in crime? Working? Are you nuts? The entire city of Baghdad has been ethnically cleansed. There are at least 100,000 dead Iraqi’s buried in the ground since the invasion in 2003. We are almost at 4,000 American dead and perhaps 30 to 40,000 wounded. Not counting the broken men and women who will kill themselves and others in the coming decade. 100 women were killed in Basra because they choose to raise their heads and not be chattel. 250 women were murdered in Kirkuk province for the same reason, they were women.

Working? Yeah, okay the completely political General Petraeus managed to install another 30,000 soon to be dead or wounded without Moqtada Al Sadr turning it into a bloodbath. Whoop-dee fucking doo. Perhaps he should get a medal. Not Petraeus, Sadr, because he is the one responsible for the lack of action of late. We have quintupled the amount of bombing we are doing, which always leads to more civilian casualties. There are vehicle curfews whenever there is any sort of religious holiday. The entire country is an armed camp. This country will never recover from this, never. How long before the millions of refugee’s return from Syria and Lebanon?

The 2 biggest losers in this, the worst foreign policy disaster in the history of the United States are Iraq and the United States Armed Forces. Don’t get me wrong, the Iraqi’s have suffered far greater sacrifices here than the big green machine. But you can count on a broken defense force for the next decade. That means no going to help when it’s really needed in a Darfur, or God help us, North Korea. The surge is working? Please, tell that to Specialist John Sigsbee, PFC Sharrett, and PFC Kimme, you might have to speak up though, they just died yesterday and there is no end in sight. Working my ass. Until John McCain can walk down the middle of Haifa street in Baghdad whistling yankee doodle dandy without the accompaniment of the 82nd Airborne division they haven’t done shit.