Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Jodie Foster Comes Out

photo hitusa.com

Jodie Foster, Cydney Bernard, and Children

Ending years of silence, Jodie Foster came out last week at the Hollywood Reporter's Women in Entertainment when she thanked her partner, "my beautiful Cydney."

Not that this was a large shock to anyone in show business. Cydney Bernard and Jodie Foster have been together for over fourteen years and have two children. What is news, is this is the first time Jodie Foster has said anything publicly.

Way to go Jodie.

At #9 on the current list of most highly payed actresses, we will see if this impacts her career, but I'm guessing not so much, especially as she's also doing much more directing and producing. But as an actor, Jodie's shown over and over again she can open a movie, not to mention her two Academy Awards. Plus people like her. She's Jodie Foster. We've watched her grow up from Tom Sawyer to Taxi Driver to Freaky Friday, The Accused and The Silence of the Lambs, to Contact and Panic Room.

She's Jody Foster and everyone adores her.

And now she's out. Go Jodie go!

h/t Feministing.