Friday, December 21, 2007

Holiday Shopping Weekend Open Thread

Are You Ready For The Holidays?

I've got almost everything ready.

Still have to wrap everything. And am waiting for some stuff to show up in the mail today or tomorrow. Grrrr.

On my way to go have a Belgium waffle and maple syrup, an egg over medium, four medium-thick strips of the most delicious strips of bacon, and a Coke. Yummy.

Lots of writing to do this weekend. My intent for the weekend -- finish the 1-2 page outline of my next screenplay. *screams* (I can't not believe I just said that. Wouldn't that be a damn Christmas present!)

What are y'all doing? Got your gifts? Wrapped?

Traveling? Where?

This isn't our Christmas Open Thread, by the way. That will come on Christmas day, or even on Christmas Eve. This is the the Holiday Shopping Weekend Open Thread.

Let's hear your stories about shopping, gifts, and chasing down the UPS woman through six-foot snow drifts.