Monday, December 31, 2007

GNB Gourmet Blogging

photo from PJ Lighthouse Cutest rice ever!

The News Blog had a proud food tradition. Beer can chicken and low country cooking were just a few of the famous food topics expertly covered by Steve. (as you know this even lead to the News Blog Food Blog.) Since the GNB started we have had a few good food posts, like LM's apple pie, and Hubris' poultry homage, but not enough for foodie-fans like myself.

So my hope as a guest blogger here is to bring some heat to the kitchen. As you may know I run a big international restaurant in Tokyo. (shameless plug) So basically food is my life.

First off- The Food Blog World. I know you all are political bloggers and readers-- and I am sure some of you do wander into the other realms of the blogosphere, at least I think you do. Well, one of the richest, most active, most acclaimed blog-kingdoms belongs to foodies.

Food bloggers cover everything! seriously-- from a site totally dedicated to Hamburgers, to food politics sites, including that by one of my food-heroes Marion Nestle-- to one of my favorite cupcake corners of the world. (who knew cupcakes could be this fabulous?)

Here for your enjoyment is a bit of "best of the foodblogs" -- warning-- Do not visit these sites on an empty stomach, especially if your fridge is empty as well.

For starters, the world's MOST FAMOUSEST! Chocolate and Zucchini! who's charming author has now released her first cookbook. Based in Paris, but covering all types of food and food thinking.

101 Cookbooks, features great food and some of the most wonderful food photography on the web. Heidi does for food photos what Ansel Adams did for snapshots of trees. And she is vegetarian without missionary zeal.

FarmGirl Fare and Orangette are two of my favorite foodie reads, and feature some warm, skilled writing and great story telling. Plus on Farmgirl a great cast of furfriends!

And for a great group-food-blog head over the the Well Fed Network.

Point is, there is some great food writing and recipes on the web. I encourage you to browse the sites above and use thier blogrolls to explore other fantastic food writers.

If you know other good food sites, please share them in the thread, as I am hungry and waiting to discover new spots. I am hopeful that in addition to being a great year in political change, 2008 will be a tasty food year! YUM --
Special thanks go to the fantastic four (Jesse, Hubris, Sara, and LM for carrying the torch) And Happy New Year to everyone in this wonderful community.