Sunday, December 9, 2007

Chris Lehane, Scab

A scab is term for the lowest form of scum. These people are class traitors. Strikebreakers or as they are normally called 'Scabs' are people who cross picket lines to take money from the rich company owners and sell out their neighbors, friends and family members. Back in my grandfathers day, the days of organized neighborhoods, Democratic party leaders who supported unions because they were their troops, they were their friends and neighbors, people wouldn't think of being a scab. It was a good way to be visited by a couple of lads' wielding some lead pipe. People lost the ability to walk or breathe by strikebreaking.

This is Chris Lehane, "Democratic Consultant", and fucking scab...

Not welcome in the Democratic party anymore...

UPDATE: Holy Crap... Here is a unbelievable piece corporate media slobber written by Garafoli of the SF Gate about Lehane. This sort of knob polishing is usually reserved for candidates, not the lackeys.

But that was April 2003. By September, when Kerry's campaign wouldn't change, Lehane left. "If I were working for the Republicans, the day that Kerry dumped Chris Lehane is one day that I'd be celebrating," said Dan Schnur, a veteran Republican political consultant and past top strategist with U.S. Sen. John McCain during the 2000 campaign.

"He's the best the Democrats have got," Schnur said.

Both Lehane and the Kerry campaign have said the parting was amicable. Ever the loyal Democrat, Lehane says nothing bad about Kerry, and nothing about the way they parted ways. In fact, he repeatedly goes on TV to defend him.

And he doesn't need the cash. He and partner Mark Fabiani, dubbed the Masters of Disaster for their work defending the Clinton White House from Whitewater to Lewinsky, earn up to $100,000 a month for pulling their clients out of public relations quicksand.

It goes on and on like that...

If you google some you will find the reporter Joe Garofoli has been getting quotes from Lehane for years, and they both live in San Francisco. How cozy. Reporters should disclose their associations. Especially if they are hanging around with scabs. H/T Ceabaird