Thursday, November 22, 2007

Thanksgiving Side Dishes

For your holiday blogfeast, I'm serving up two side dishes I hope you'll find savory and satisfying.

First, there's my 2006 Thanksgiving post at Orcinus. Yes, it's warmed-over from last year. Isn't this stuff always better after it's sat a bit in the fridge?

Second, our good friend Maggie is serving up some Southern-style sweet-potato pie over at her place. (And no, the fact that the piece links back to me has nothing to with it -- it's just one of those things that happens when everybody's mostly full and we're shoving the plates around for seconds or thirds at the family table. You gonna eat the rest of that succotash, or can I have it?)

This is the closest I'm coming to the smell of a bird this year. In Canada, we did this six weeks ago. The kids are in school today; life goes on. Y'all have an extra bite of mashed with gravy or pumpkin pie for me.