Monday, November 26, 2007

Republicans Talk About Crime

Tapped points out a NYT article where Giuli-anna and Romney are smacking each other around about crime.

Today we saw an article in The New York Times explaining that Rudy Giuliani and Mitt Romney are squabbling about, among other things, Romney's record on fightin' crime in Massachusetts:

“I think that Governor Romney is trying to distract attention from what is clearly a mistake that he made, but the other big mistake that he made was crime went up,” Mr. Giuliani said. “Violent crime and murder went up while he was governor, and I think that that is something that talks about not just an isolated mistake, it talks about a series of mistakes.” The Romney campaign responded that federal crime statistics show that the violent crime rate in Massachusetts, which includes not only murder but also crimes like assault, dropped 7 percent during his tenure.

They pointed out that Giuli-anna was lying out of his ass. It just occurred to me that maybe people don't realize...

When the Republicans talk about crime going up in their opponents state or locality they are talking about the negro problem. They are saying so and so, in this case Romney can't keep the black man down.

Anyway, just a FYI. It's why they use the term dog whistle, it's silent.