Saturday, November 24, 2007

Ex Australian PM Howard, another Bush Victim

Another sucker who thought Bush would rule for a 1,000 years bites the dust.
Australian Prime Minister John Howard will now walk swiftly into obscurity as another lickspittle lapdog of Bush's.The global wave of right wing jackassery allowed Howard to be re-elected in 2004, no-one is quite sure why.

UPDATE: Ow... shit..

Labor Party would hold at least 81 of the 150 seats in parliament, a net gain of 23 and seven more than needed to form a new government.

In fact, Howard's own seat in a suburban Sydney constituency was in doubt as he trailed his opponent by just a few hundred votes with 73 percent of the ballots tallied.

His Labor opponent -- former television journalist Maxine McKew -- said the race was "on a knife's edge." Analysts said the votes sent in through the mail and which won't be immediately counted could decide the race.

Howard, 68, a staunch supporter of President Bush's decision to go to war in Iraq, found himself trailing in his quest for a fifth term despite a strong economy that has produced more than a decade of growth and record low levels of unemployment.

He is completely getting his ass kicked. The economy is good. Job strength is good. Its totally the "Bush Effect". Stupid fucker, his entire life will now be turned to dust, all from being chained to the Bush anchor.... glub, glub, glub... see ya!

Jebus!, some nobody ex-TV personality beating the hell out of the sitting Aussie PM, with a strong economy and no sex scandals. Don't think that all the congressmen and senators with an (R) after there names aren't watching this race.