Friday, November 2, 2007

Anti-Gay “Church” Owes $11 Million in Damages

“That was such über-pwnage.”

Happy Halloween.

Wednesday in Kansas City, a Federal Jury delivered a verdict against the Phelps family and their homovirulent "church", the Westboro Baptist Church.

The case was brought by Albert Snyder of Maryland, the father of a slain American Marine who died in Iraq, after members staged a demonstration at the funeral of his son Matthew Snyder in March, 2006.

Jurors awarded Mr. Snyder $2.9 million U.S. in direct damages, $6 million in punitive for invasion of privacy, and another $2 million for causing emotional distress. Assuming the verdict is upheld on appeal, this will almost certainly leave the church and family bankrupt.


Good. Great. Wonderful! *applauds*

Bankrupt the evil gay-bashing fucks.

I have enormous capacity for forgiveness. Evil is a word I use rarely. The leaders of this group exceed my capacity for forgiveness. They are morally evil at the level of Dick Cheney, those who authorize torture, or who design and execute genocides. They literally would kill gay people if they could. They are evil people.

Run them into the ground, stomp on them, then salt the fucking earth as an explicit example to all.

Taking their money is a GOOD act. Sitting here writing, I find I am moved as an American... I am proud of our Federal Jury in Kansas.

My condolences to Mr. Snyder and his family on the loss of their son, and to every family who has lost family and in their most sacred hours, has had to endure the filthy taunts of these Hillboro perversions of humanity.

Perhaps now, finally, the Phelps Family will be forced into working at WalMart, without health insurance, clocking in and out in order to take a smoke.

Maybe even perhaps, the youngest among them may break free.


h/t fdl, where TRex brings the snark.