Friday, October 19, 2007

Wal-Mart Defends Its Staff. Oh Wait, No, It Doesn't.


Wal-Mart Customer Service Manager Fired After Being Assaulted By Shoplifter

I guess the Customer IS always right.

Even when right is defined as 18-year-old Angel Rivera of the City of Newburgh being:

  • gets caught shoplifting,
  • is offered a polite way out without any trouble,
  • Runs out of the store,
  • Runs back in and SCREAMS at the soon-to-be fired Manger,
  • Smashes a McDonald's drink on her shoulder,
  • "Landed a hard hook to her cheek",
  • Punched someone else in the eye,
  • Spit in someone else's face, and
  • "Pummeled another manager."
All before Ms. Rivera was hauled off to jail under arrest on "robbery and assault, felonies, and petty larceny." Security cameras having her dead to rights on the major charges.

Obviously this breach of Wal-Mart's peace and decorum calls for the firing of the woman who CAUSED IT ALL TO HAPPEN, the Customer Service Manager, Victoria Smith.

If only she'd had the good sense to just let the alleged thief steal from Wal-Mart, Ms. Rivera wouldn't have gone bat-shit fucking insane and assaulted FOUR people.

Thank Goodness Wal-Mart provides World-Class Health Care and Vacation benefits to all employees -- as behooves one of the world's largest and most profitable companies -- and trusts its employees and managers to do the right thing. I'm sure each of these people got adequate time off to heal from the attack, along with proper counseling, and that no one is being scapegoated in any way for the random attack of a criminal.

That crazy & quirky Wal-Mart. Always doing the right thing.

Someone should do a crazy & quirky network television show about a triangle of crazy & quirky kids who love, live and work at... Wal-Mart.

Call it, Well-Met@Wal-Mart, with Wally, Wendy & Wesley. Wednesdays.