Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Slow Me Down

Emmy Rossum whom you may remember as the Golden Globe nominated actress for singing/acting the lead role of Christine in The Phantom of the Opera.

Here is Emmy Rossum as you've never heard her -- a new single, Slow Me Down, from her first album, Inside Out.

Go watch her perform. You heard the single, Slow Me Down, up above, through the distortion of YouTube.

I was having trouble getting it to stream fast enough, but... try hearing it directly from the Geffen Artists site. The quality is amazing.

I couldn't get the QuickTime to play, but the Windows Media was playing fine. Which is a shame, because the audio quality of the QuickTime sounded MUCH better. The Real Media sound was so-so. And Flash was pathetic. Interesting... opportunity for a back-to-back sound check. I'd rank them, QuickTime clearly in front, Windows okay with Real in third, and Flash far, far behind.

Regardless, the sound is sweet. This isn't the sixteen year old girl who sang Phantom. Recommended.