Saturday, October 27, 2007

Paul Farhi, Cub Reporter on Bush's Hugs...

The wildfires in Southern California this week have served to remind the world once more about one of the singular and underappreciated skills of George W. Bush: The man is a generous hugger.

There he was, amid the charred remains of some formerly upscale neighborhood, embracing the weary and the dazed victims of the fire. He made a little speech as one of the unfortunate locals was snuggled up to his side, his arm clinching her close. The gesture suggested strength, solidarity, compassion. The resident looked almost reassured.

What a guy... I am sure the resident as 'almost reassured'. Whats the matter Paul? After Katrina you couldnt bring yourself to actually write that he looked assured. Because deep down, you know Bush isnt going to do shit for these people.

Paul Farhi part of the vast left-wing liberal media. Paul has come a long way from just a couple of years ago covering the Hollyweird liberals on the Dixie Chicks from the Style Section for the Washington Post.
COOPER: Janeane Garofalo, I guess, this is one of the people who cites this.

FARHI: Perfect example.

COOPER: How did it work for her?

FARHI: Well, I think it's worked fabulously for her. She was, by her own description, she was a sort of D-list celebrity. Now, because she's been on a number of news shows talking about her opposition to the war, she has gotten offers that just came out of nowhere. Speaking engagements, stand-up gigs, stage plays, things that, again, never would have happened had she kept her mouth shut.

COOPER: And Michael Moore, I think on his Web site, is sort of bragging about the fact that a lot of people are ordering his books on, more so than ever before, and his movie, as well.

FARHI: That's an amazing one. His book, which had been on "The New York Times" best seller list for about 50 weeks, was starting to drop. He makes his statement at the Oscars, the book goes back up to number one after 50 weeks. His documentary, "Bowling for Columbine," gets more preorders on than "Chicago," which was the best picture Oscar. So it's just been great for him.

Yes, it was great for Moore, the death threats, the hate mail, the right wing noise machine trying to destroy his reputation. Maybe President Bush can give him a hug.

Journalmalist Paul Farhi of the Washington Post Heathers ladies and gentlemen.