Thursday, October 11, 2007

Malkin and the Privacy issue

Our privacy is virtually gone and strangely enough it's related to a lot of Malkins shenanigans. One of the first times she gained attention is when she posted peoples addresses online in retaliation for something or other and then had hers posted in response. That's what then prompted Josh Trevino (supernincompoop) to try and get people to pledge to not out each others identity. Even though its quite possible that he is the one that outed Armando from dailykos after their short lived site Crossed Swords. Its been a particular thread running through a number of issues. The Bankruptcy bill limits peoples ability to get a 2nd chance if they get in over their heads. That's a privacy issue. National ID cards, which you can be sure will happen if one of those wingnut republicans gets into the Whitehouse next year. FISA, and this issue with warrant less searches.

The unbelievable amount of information available about everyone online. Particularly if you are willing to pay for it. Remember Wes Clark's cellphone last called list? Its staggering. These people that Malkin and her squad of flying wingnuts went after, although inaccurate, they got information on what kind of counter tops they have in their kitchen. There is a google mashup out there tied to a 'sex offenders' database. Its scary as hell, until you realize they are including everybody who was every accused of any kind of sex related crime all the way down to taking a piss behind a bar and getting tapped for indecent exposure. Kids busted necking by some asshole newbie cop or security guard. We are all just standing around waiting to get zapped. Its really a matter of time. The horror stories about people who have suffered from identity theft. Years of effort and fiscal responsibility, gone in a swipe of a credit card. FISA is a deadly serious issue and Congress better not cave on it. However, they better get people some privacy protection before its too late for all of us.