Sunday, October 14, 2007

Lies, Lies, LIES!

video by FOX Attacks

In my fantasies...

Let me start over.

In my occasional daydreams of how our politics could be fixed, leading off the three Network News broadcasts, their morning News programs, with smaller teased versions of this, and then and airing a simultaneous prime-time special co-anchored by all three networks:

"'Liar, Liar, Pants on Fire': The Bush Administration Lies To American, Lies to the World, Lies to Everyone"

Is right up there with the whole Christina Ricci thing. (Who is too young, anyway, and has a boyfriend.)

They lie.


  • secrecy
  • incompetence
  • corruption
  • looting of public property & funds, and
  • sexual hypocrisy
lying is their default position.

Well, also, the Missionary position.

"Praise the Lord and pass the ammunition. After we convert the little heathens with these here waterboards ("The United States does not torture."; lies.), all their awl'll be ours."

"This war is not about oil."


If they tell you their name and where they went to school, you need to check their name, that they did indeed go to school, at that school, and under that name. That they graduated. Who their classmates were then and in the surrounding years. That there is a school by that name and that it was operating when and where they said it was. Verify everything against original source materials, issued by sources they can't fake, and their supporters can't alter or destroy.

Trust nothing they say. Check everything.

Assume every word is a lie, inside a larger specific lie of a story, designed to lead you to a larger political point of world-view which is itself a lie of framing against our shared American values and democracy.