Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Doggie Art

Doberman in meadow with fruited trees in background.
Jack's Best Friend/Painted Dogs

Painted Dogs
Jack Boucher in medium close-up, arms crossed across his black shirt, short hair, smiling.
Look at these beautiful paintings.

John Boucher of Santa Fe, New Mexico, has a company called Painted Dogs.

He has an entire gallery of beautiful painted dogs.

He'll paint your dog. Or your mother's dog. Your best friend's dog. The dog at Fire Station #5. Your Uncle Sal's Standard Poodle and your sister Teresa's Great Dane. Also the mutt your children brought home from the pound who answers to the name, "Bisquick."

There's a cat painting (whose name is clearly "Zap"), so send your electric feline photos to Painted Dogs as well, LOLs not included.

Someone in your life has a dog or a cat they think of as their child.

THIS is the Holiday gift for them.

Go browse the gallery. Enlarge the photographs. Read the notes for each drawing.

Painted Dogs is classic American folk art. Snap some up for someone you love.

Including you.

Highly, highly recommended. (h/t Poor Impulse Control; interesting blog.)

German Shepard with red handkerchief tied around her neck.
Tano Pencil Drawing/Painted Dogs