Monday, October 15, 2007

Camp Followers and PTSD Fakers

So, apparently I am faking my PTSD. Apparently the twenty fucking years its taken me to stop figuring out whether the person who is walking past me is going to try and kill and how can I kill them is all fake because my mother breast fed me or something. The years of insomnia and flared tempers to the point of violence is all faked because I am not macho enough. I guess I didnt drink enough tequila, shoot enough people or screw enough prostitutes in central America to be called 'a man' in these keyboard cowards eyes.

Ya know, its not like its not hard enough admitting you have this PTSD shit. You basement dwelling fucks. We don't need you whiny assed momma's boys saying people are faking it. We don't need yet another generation of vets spending their days trying to erase the memories with whiskey or suicide. I am so sick of Malkin, this other military camp skank 'Raven', Limbaugh and all the other packs of flying monkey wingtards. I don't mind they have this fetish for the military that, frankly belongs in some seedy NY S&M club, but quit involving me and my brothers and sisters in your freak show. We're faking it??!?!? Fuck you. Like you have any idea what its like, sacrificing your own psyche, your own sanity, for your country.

The liberal mindset is what causes PTSD. Boys being raised to men without a strong male role model, and having a false sense of what life is about is causing our young men to go to war and come home freaked out.

Kender, there is a lot of truth to what you’ve said. When we consider that the past wars were much gorier and bloodier. My own father saw a lot of gore; he lost many friends. Yet he managed to move on without letting it get to him; he chose to live his life as he wanted and not to succumb to his ghosts, as I call them.

The men of the past are a lost breed. -- Raven


There's no truth in what he is saying, none. How dare you judge any of us. What the hell do you know about gore? You think watching a movie gives you any idea? That stupid fuck doesn't have any idea what its like. Liberal mindset? Not only did I vote for Reagan, I worked for him.

I am a officer in the local VFW, and ya know what's funny, its really easy to tell the guys who actually were in the shit, versus the guys who meet the requirements to join the VFW. Its all the strange guys, all the broken people. The walking wounded. It doesn't matter what the conflict is either. Be it Iraq War I, the Korean war, or any other conflict. Its perfectly clear to me why my Nam' chopper pilot buddy still gets dead drunk every single weekend and gets into fights with cops, at 59 years old. Its because he learned to bury that shit deep down and he learned that because of dumbasses like you flapping your gums about something you absolutely no idea about. You are the same people who used to step over my brothers on the street on your way to work.

You morons want to pretend this is some kind of 'war' we are having, the left and the right? That's fine. Lets see who outlasts whom. You see, in September, 1979 I swore to uphold and defend the constitution against all enemies foreign and domestic, and that's you, the republican camp followers. Bush's lickspittle sycophants.

Me?, I'm fighting the long war and I learned my trade in the jungles of Honduras and the streets of San Salvador and I haven't forgotten a thing.