Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Blackwaters' Mercenary Navy?

Why is that when I hear this:

Blackwater USA -- the company at the center of a brewing storm over private contractors -- isn't letting a little controversy get them down. No, they're focused on expansion, and the latest addition is a ship that can be used for everything from anti-terrorism to special operations missions. The McArthur, a 183-ft. ship that boasts "state of the art navigation systems, full GMDDSS communications, SEATEL Broadband, dedicated command and control bas, helicopter decks, hospital and multiple support vessel capabilities." Under the new banner of "Blackwater Maritime Solutions," the world's most notorious merc outfit private security contractor now has the three "services:" Land, Air and Sea. --

It makes me think of this:

Scientology's Sea Org was going to take over those areas controlled by Smersh (the fictitious evil organization fought by the equally fictitious James Bond), rake in enormous amounts of cash, clean up psychotherapy, infiltrate and reorganize every minority group, and befriend the worst enemies of the Western nations. Hubbard's stated intention was to undermine a supposed Fascist conspiracy to rule the world.

Hubbard had three vessels, Apollo (formly known as the Scotsman), Athena and yacht Diana, and during the last months of 1968 all three joined up in Corfu, Greece. The ships were berthed in Corfu when people were first being tossed into the harbor. -- Operation Clambake

It hasn't seemed to have occurred to Congress yet, but it seems to me that Hauptsturmf├╝hrer Erik Prince ain't the sharpest tool in the shed iffen ya get my meaning and I know you do. Must be all the inbreeding.