Friday, October 12, 2007

Are You Saved?

The Religious Right Has Jumped The Shark

The above chart (the Barna Group study) -- our own Sara Robinson says -- shows clearly the youth of American are listening when the religious types ask, "Are you saved?"

Increasingly, the answer is, "No."

Sara's article, Roosting Chickens, Part II -- as in Chickens Coming Home To Roost -- over at Orcinus, is amazing.

Run, do not walk, do not pass go, do not collect 200 Euros.

The link to the Barna Group study is over at Sara's article.

Executive study summary: It's over for religious control of America within generations, unless the Christian church's radically revise their approach... as in be consistent with Jesus. Heal the sick, minister to the poor, nurture the environment, love the gays, stop controlling women including abortion, get off people's ass about their sex lives, go after big corporations and polluters and insurance companies. Stop wars.

Or the Christian churches will cease to have any relevant meaning in American life. Because while the churches were busy preaching the WORD, the kids have been busy watching the churches, pastors, priests, elders, bishops, preachers and the people at church... The kids have seen the Churches clearly... and they hate what they see.

Go read Sara's article please. Come back here and talk.