Monday, September 10, 2007

WORLD PREMIERE—Another New Group News Blog Video Production! (A SPECIAL CARTOON MASH-UP) we are.

Much heralded September. Week Two. 2007.

General Petraeus has come down from the mountain, tablets in hand, bearing the unmistakable etched words of the almighty “He who iz what he be.

And Ed Gillespie.

In the face of numbers that scream failure, Bush and his merry band of liars will try to croon, like a Drano-throated Temptations cover group, that all is well. That the “surge is working”.

And that down is up. Blue is red. And magical, gossamer-winged, azure faeries will bring candy, and sprinkle doubloons, and dig glittering diamonds of success from the turds of this war's reality. the level of it being almost...a cartoon.

A cartoon, people.

Well...when in Rome...

As Friedman, Brooks and Kristol are all too willing to mislead, it is left to a rabbit, a duck, and a bald-headed hunter to break it down, so that all may understand.

So without any further ado, I give you...

“Surge Seasoning”

Spin trouble, indeed.