Sunday, September 23, 2007

Study: Soccer Beats Blogging for Fitness

Study: Soccer Beats JoggingBlogging for Fitness
By MARIA CHENG – 2 days ago

LONDON (AP) — A friendly game of soccer works off more fat and builds up more muscle than joggingblogging, new research shows. Danish scientists, who conducted their research on 37 men, also found the soccer players felt less tired after exercising than the joggersbloggers because they were having more fun.

"This is good news for men who prefer to play football (soccer) with their mates," said Dr. Gary O'Donovan, a sports medicine expert at the University of Exeter who was not connected to the study.

To measure how hard the men were working out, the researchers strapped heart monitors to their chests and compared blood samples and muscle tissue before and after matches and joggingblogging sessions.

The researchers selected men with similar health profiles aged 31 to 33 and split them into groups of soccer players, joggersbloggers, and couch potatoes — who not surprisingly ended the three-month study in the worst shape.

-- Associated Press

Just heard from Jen recently and realized we hadn't had any soccerfootball posts recently. I spotted this and although I don't normally point out how we slave away for you guys grinding out one thin bit of content or video object link to youtube after another. You can see now with this new amazing scientific testin' that we bloggers are working our fingers to the bone. Just the other day I had this pain in my right pinky finger. I wont go on about it, but let me just say it was painful. Not actual pain painful more like when think your shoes are too tight but it's just because your feet are swollen from walking all the way into town with an onion tied to your belt. Not that the onion is relevant but we just used to do that back in the day. It was an old SF trick to keep the monkeys away. Disgusting creatures really, monkeys, but tasty. Anyway enjoy the post! I have to rest now.