Saturday, August 4, 2007

yearlykos presidential forum

Sorry about the radio silence. My mac is dead. defunct, passed on.

Currently I am watching the forum with Dodd, Gravel, Richardson, Clinton, Obama and Edwards.

Its apparently Obama's birthday, so the crowd sang happy birthday.

The candidates all sound good, its variations of their respective stump speeches, so not a lot of anything new. Kucinich is, surprisingly, anti nuclear ;)

This is really interesting convention, the attendees are very diverse in age, not so much in race, but they do cross income boundaries to some degree. I would reccomend, if you can to come next year. Its really nice to see all the democratic candidates coming here and answering questions, not from Wolf Blitzer, but from people. people like you and me and to have the moderators make sure they answer. I have been to DNC meetings and have to tell you that this is sooooo much better. We need change the nature of the parties convention so its more like this.

I encourage you to go and watch some of the video that has been produced.

Later tonight, Some of the bloggers here and myself are going to in my family's Irish American tradition will hoist a glass for Steve. we will dispense with the traditional brawl though. If you at home want to join us. we will toast him at 9:30pm central time.

more later.