Monday, August 27, 2007

We Fight On

The GNB Banner & Blog Design

We've been open going on two months now and I just noticed I never gave public credit to the people who designed everything.

The GNB Banner was built by Lower Manhattanite (click on the photo above to view in HIGH resolution) with the nose cone of the AC-130U Spooky taken from a design by the amazing Driftglass (photo also clickable for HIGH resolution.)

If you look at Driftglass' version in High Res (below), you'll see there are some numbers & a letter on the nose cone, which LM transfered over when he grabbed the nose cone and put it onto the version which graces our cover today. We have no idea what it symbolizes, except knowing Drifty I'm betting it calls out to Gilly. But that's just me. Any guesses?

There's the beautiful old bomber for Steve, a Spooky to bring in close support fire for grunts in trouble, and my personal favorite, a dustoff. *smiles* All bursting off the page through the sky through breaking news. Wonderful work LM.

The design of the blog itself was done by Hubris Sonic. I love how subtle the flow is between all the elements, how the text shows up so perfectly against the background, how the colors match each other, how the Section Headings both stand out but also don't overpower their background.

We've got simple clicks letting you email us, contact us, find out about copyright, and (eventually when we're bigger) donate. As well as go to the archives and other stuff. Also our blogroll is simple enough not to overwhelm.

I think this is one of the most elegant blogs I've seen. Cheers and congratulations to Hubris Sonic & Lower Manhattanite. With a special thank you to Driftglass. Please join me in a praising the guys on a design that leaves me happy day after day after day. We'd love to hear your comments on our blog design for good, not-so-good, or stuff you'd just like to see improved.

Finally, if you have a guess what Drifty's tribute on the nosecone means, hit us in comments. 'Cause I've spent too damn much time puzzling it. Y'all are smart people. So figure it out and tell me already. Please.