Thursday, August 23, 2007

No Rebirth Allowed

China Outlaws Reincarnation in Tibet

More bullshit from China. Unless they receive specific government approval, Buddhist monks in Tibet are now forbidden from reincarnating.


The Dali Lama (72) is on record saying he won't reincarnate in Tibet while it remains under China's power. Historically he controls when and where he reincarnates. This sets up a situation where a) China will likely produce its own Dali Lama in a succession fight, and b) for the first time in history, there will be a Dali Lama not born in Tibet (most likely from the 130,000 Tibetan exiles.)

What will China do? Throw little children in prison if they claim to be reincarnated? Huh -- all of a sudden all the funny just exited this story.

Photo by the wonderful artist Raul Gutierrez. Reminder: most of our photos can be seen in higher resolution by clicking on them. Gutierrez has a RSS feed if you like his work. Recommended.