Saturday, August 4, 2007

more forum-ness

Gravel actually doesnt seem crazy at all to me. He certainly knows he is never going to be president. The questions here (from the attendees) are 3 or 4 times better than the bullshit from the MSM and theĆ­r 'experts'.

Great question for Edwards about why are we supporting him, or rather why is Edwards talking about leaving him place. The dailykos's mcjoan asked him are we doing the same thing we did in the cold war but with terrorism. If these dictators support counter terrorism will we support them. Edwards didnt answer, he talked about education. blah blah blah soft power. answer the question Senator.

mcjoan with the redirect! still not answering the question though. now his is talking about the Saud... not sure what a Saudi arms deal has to do with the question.

Richardson answers it by saying we force Pakistan to work with us.

Matt Bai thinks there are only 1,000 people here (actually 2000), why cant our reporters count?

Richardson will make his VP be part of the executive branch. so, thats a change.

All these guys keep saying they are doing this and that on their first day. sounds like they are going to be very busy...