Saturday, August 11, 2007

Feeling a draft?

Wow, okay, i missed this yesterday from the WarCzar©. Apparently General 'soon to be pining for the fjords' Lute says we should consider a draft. I bet he does. Looking at the prospects for a force that has been deployed for 4 or more years. Equipment on its last legs, equipment that probably will never make it back to the states. Soldiers who have 4 or 5 deployments. Its incredible that Bush has not considered it. Of course Karl Rove then would scream like a banshee. Because he knows that a draft would doom the republicans into a permanent minority for ever.

However Lute is right, they only way for this war to continue is with fresh blood. Lots of fresh blood. You want to watch the chickenhawks squirm? Let this start moving forward. Wasnt it Charlie Rangel (NY15) who tried to introduce a bill into the house in 2006? Let him do it again. Lets see the republicans try and kill it.

Here is a short from the folks that shows what the Pentagons' thinking is on this.

They still think they are staying there longer than January 2009. They are confused.