Friday, August 24, 2007

Argument for Withdrawal (people getting it)

Other people are starting to get this too:

Is The Prospect Of Withdrawal Responsible For The Modest Security Gains In Iraq?

Much of the touted security gains have come in the Anbar province, a region that was not the target of Bush’s escalation. In fact, progress in Anbar pre-dated the surge and occurred while troop numbers were being reduced in the region.

The NIE states that local security arrangements such as those in Anbar province are being formed in response to imminent U.S. withdrawal, and that these “bottom up” security initiatives “represent the best prospect for improved security over the next six to 12 months” -- ThinkProgress
As i noted in my post from earlier this month (8/11/2007)

Argument For Withdrawal
Of all the troops sent into Baghdad for the surge a number of them came from newly deployed units. But more than a significant number were pulled from Al-Anbar. This has had the affect of reducing pressure and removing targets of opportunity there. The locals have been trying quell sectarian violence and go after AQI themselves.

The 'Surge' is working alright, working as a demonstration of the value of withdrawal.