Monday, July 2, 2007

NY Times Link Generator

Prevent NY Times Links from vanishing behind the Paywall: A guide for Bloggers

Dear Blogger,

Please take the time to convert all NYT links you make from now on, using the very easy to use Link Generator. That way when someone hits one of your NY Times links months later, your customers can still read the article.

Here's how:

Put in the URL, say:

Convert it. What will come back is:

Modify the part which says partner=rssuserland to read partner=groupnewsblog
(This lets the NYT know whom is using their service. Use the name of your blog.)

Now your URL reads:

Test it in an actual browser. Wow! See, you have the article up and running.

Now, paste this in behind the Words of the Link as the Link URL:
"As it says in the NY Times article, Tweaking the Zoom, ..."

Done. This link will NOT vanish behind the Paywall. Your readers will appreciate you.