Friday, July 13, 2007


This knucklehead war-monger 'General' Bergner, you know the shitbag who was stretching tight the skins on the drums of war against Iran last week (MSNBC.) and was pouring drinks in the Whitehouse the week before as special liaison to blahblah is now flapping his gums over at the weakly standard saying that AQIZ (Al Qaeda in Iraq) is the No#1 enemy in Iraq. Plus, scroll down and look at the chart I made yesterday, the one with the 82% being the former Iraqi army. Anyway, The Standard asked him a question.

The WWS: Do you view al Qaeda as "the center of the insurgency," and if so, "do you view al Qaeda in Iraq as essentially the same as al Qaeda otherwise...what's the level of command and control with al Qaeda in Afghanistan and Pakistan?"

BERGNER: I don't think there's any question that the al Qaeda senior leadership is exercising influence over the al Qaeda in Iraq efforts, in fact, al Qaeda in Iraq has continued to be run, administered, overseen by foreigners in large measure

Thats just a lie. What has happened to the officer corp? He knows thats a lie.

In fact the whole damn thing is a pack of lies, AQIZ is not the largest threat, its not even one of the big ones. Hell fresh water is a bigger problem.

General Liar.