Wednesday, July 4, 2007

Happy Independence Day

The GroupNewsBlog wouldn't be fully fueled in the traditions of the past if we didn't include the tasty side of life. The Foodie spirit of Steve is going to live on here too. The ghost of meals past, present and future will, we hope, watch over us.

4th of July FOOD POST and Beer Can Chicken revisited.

Holidays, as we read and discussed many times on the News Blog with Steve- are about family and about FOOD. What we share and eat when we celebrate is both what makes us the same and celebrates our different cultures and heritage at the same time.

Steve was all about Low Country cooking (which I knew not much about before the big guy schooled us). I myself come from Welsh and German heritage and grew up in various locals in the north east. So there is a lot of Deutsch influence in my Holiday cooking.

First in honor of Steve my favorite foodie- Here is a recap on all we learned about Beer Can Chicken

and the cooking engineer guy…

Beer can chicken was also covered in the June issue of COOKS ILLUSTRATED one of the best food magazines in the world. It was on their PBS Show too

4th of July is of course about PICNICS and BBQ/ what do you cook? What do you eat? Where do you go to see the fireworks? And what is the best beer to drink in celebration of America's Independence???

The potato salad is of the german variety- vinegar no mayo

there must also be Pasta Salad- any kind will do.

The Hotdogs are Kosher usually Hebrew Nationals or even better NY WHITE HOTS (with mustard only)

The Hamburgers get the ketchup, and have to be on Kaiser rolls And there must be both peaches and watermelon in some version preferably cobbler for the peaches.
and big slices of the melon- WITH seeds for shooting at each other.

The BEER in honor of the founding fathers is, of course, Sam Adams

And how about all of you?
Happy Independence Day. And Eat Up!
(Read more about my food views also at the fancy glass)

-- The Littlest Gator