Monday, February 9, 2009

View From What's No Longer My Porch

View February 09th, 7:30 a.m.

Today's moving day. There have been a number of things at play. My mother's condition (Parkinson's) continues to deteriorate and has reached a place where I can't be her primary caretaker and accomplish anything else at all.

Lucky for me, I have a sister living nearby who is a registered nurse and has much better resources than I do for care.

I've enjoyed owning this place. The view is spectacular. Thing is, for me to knock around alone it's inconvenient, also too far out in the country, and if I were to try and go anywhere I would have to line up dog, and horse sitters. Also, it's on the second tee of a fine golf course, but I haven't been able to golf for a couple of years now due to a deteriorating back.

I figure why pay second tee prices when I can't golf. It's the snowbird season down here and I'm taking an offer on the place today. Like everybody else I've lost lots of paper value on the place. I have it listed nearly 30K below its last appraisal (done in July before the markets really tanked) and there are still some folks who are willing to spend the money to take it off my hands.

I'll be taking a couple of rooms with another sister who is a high school teacher in town proper. She has two teenagers and is feeling lucky to have another set of adult (at least in age) eyes on the goings on about her house.

Cooking with Dani will still be happening. Thursdays are still a short day and her school is only a couple of blocks from where I'll be.

Too many things have been happening. I had the potential to go out on the road with a major artist. He's suffered a lot in the tanking economy too, his money was mostly in car dealerships and he's pretty much fucked. The worst part of it, and what killed the whole operation is that this guy's name and song catalogue are owned by a major label who has refused to negotiate anything. They came out demanding 20% of our gross from any shows or tours and they never budged.

We even considered going out unbilled as openers for other folks, but were advised that this would get us sued bigtime. None of us have the resources to engage in an extended court action, especially not with a label that has three whole floors of lawyers who would dedicate themselves to making our lives a living hell. The label folks are the same motherfuckers that sued John Fogarty for having the nerve to write songs that sounded like they had been written by John Fogarty.

There's no reasoning with people like that. Too bad, we had a killer ass band lined up. It would have been fun.

Anyway, my silence will most likely continue for another week, maybe two. Right now I'm so disgusted with Congress, Record Labels, Lawyers, Real Estate Agents, Insurance Cocksuckers and the host of petty insults that life today has become that everything I try to write comes out like this:

Can you fucking believe these asshole cocksucking motherfuckers? They cut Food Stamps! Fucking! Foodstamps! Those stupid motherfuckers! That's economic stimulus on goddamned steroids for the love of sweet milk chocolate jebus horatio goddamned christ on a motherfucking skateboard! Are they that fucking stupid? That fucking greedy? That fucking clueless? I feel like going back out into the shed and beating my fucking plowshare back into a goddamned sword. I fucking hate a bunch of goddamned fucking farming anyway.

The moving crew should be here anytime now. Life goes on and shit.