Tuesday, July 24, 2007

What's Bill O'Reilly Really “Looking Out” For, Folks?

I think we all have a pretty good idea, (It ain't jetBlue's reputation) but this little discussion and the accompanying Group News Blog YouTube clip is provided here as a public service for those who are...well...a little iffy on it. Feel free to share it with doubters and friends. :)


“It's been a long time, should'na left you,
without a strong rhyme to step to..."
Eric B & Rakim—circa 1987

Got caught up in the last 48 hours, cats and kiddies—that's where I've been. I'd ask what'd I miss, but the last story that had my jaw all tight on Friday, still vexes me, as it appears to be part of a concerted talking point campaign that continued into the weekend—manifesting itself clunkily as all fuck on the Sunday talk shows—or rather, ONE Sunday talk show in particular—Faux News Sunday.

What story be that?

Why, it's the Bill O'Reilly/Fox News/Wingnut campaign attempts to wreck the Yearly Kos gathering in the City Of Big Shoulders, what else?

Now, Markos is a grown-ass man—in the words of Cedric The Entertainer, and damn sure doesn't need a relative hummingbird like me defending the fearsome (Oh, my!), omnipotent (Sweet Jesus!), Galactus-esque (Gulp!) him :), and the community-based gathering in Chi-Town carrying his Blog dé Plume. As a matter of fact..."O'Feely's" cheesy, wheezy, Walter Winchell-school assault on the convention has turned out to be a rather instructive little revelation about where things stand in the ol' blogosphere, and in the political arena these days.

I could trot out the old "First they ignore you..” saw from Gandhi —and it'd be damned apt. But this odd, and ultimately pleasing shift requires I think a little bit more analysis than that.

This nursery-school grade, pitty-pat slap has its roots in the collective pivoting away from the acceptance of the GOP's idiocy by the populace at large, and most shocking for them chunks of the media. The polls speak ugly volumes about that sea change lately. The party's standard-bearer, the man they back unremittingly—the President has seen his numbers—and by extension, the party's numbers crater like a dump truck plunging off Pike's Peak.

29% approval. 27% approval. And holy shit, a worm testes-low 25% from ARG as of today.

So why does this matter? Well, as the numbers go Antarctic south for the GOP and its policies, so too does its sense of cachet, and the accompanying fear of upsetting an unpopular entity. That was manifest in the Democratic candidates effectively dissing, and thus scuttling Fox News's Dem Debate. When Fox screamed bloody murder and bleated like a sheep in the abattoir—surprisingly for once, the Dems didn't blink. They didn't blink and they publicly—instead of the usual private, kid-in-his-room grumbling—called Fox News on their bullshit, leaving them for the first time stuttering in their denials of their naked winger partisanship.

For Instructional Use Only

FOX: "How dare you not deal with us! How are you gonna deal with Osama if you can't deal with us?"

DEMS: "Like your boy Bush dealt with Osama? Get fucked."

FOX: "Grrrrrrrr! Have we called you traitors yet, today? No? Well, you're traitors! Obama-sama, Obama-sama, Obama-sama, Obama-sama!"

Said Fox News, upset over the in-your-face-ness of the diss, and their diminished influence as part of the now-anathema Republican machine, pissily crave a scalp. Who to go after? Who to go after?

"The Big Orange Satan" they can no longer ridicule, especially after the spike-gloved cock-punch that was the '06 elections that Daily Kos impacted in numerous ways. Wingnuts mocked the last YearlyKos in Vegas, incapable of grasping the snark in the assembled's tin-foil hat goofing—actually taking the satire seriously and running with it like spastic kids with scissors on a greased floor. But this year, no such condescension.

This year, it's naked, sphincter-puckering fear. Voldemort fucked up and couldn't kill Harry as an infant —now he faces him as an infinitely more powerful adolescent. It's a "Brawl For It All', a "Thrilla in Manila", and Ragnarok from here on in—and the right is looking more and more like a jab-dazed Sonny Liston every week.

So they go after Kos—YearlyKos, actually, by setting after the sponsors—jetBlue, in particular. With the usual gang of cranky-fuck Amiga-tappers whipped into a frenzy by the likes of big, dumb megaphone O'Reilly, and little, shrill dog-whistle Malkin—Fox News's ten-cent, tag-team of totalitarianism. "Lookit the intemperate (and troll-rated) comments people sometmes write on DailyKos!—never mind the shit people pay to say on our site.” And 1200 of the said frenzied beat their little, cheeto-dusted fingertips raw complaining to the air carrier.

Driving jetBlue to...sorta half-ass cave on the sponsorship. They pulled their logo from the Yearly Kos site. but didn't rescind the complimentary tickets they gave in the deal. Kind of an "I'll sleep with you, but forgive me if I don't bring you 'round the way where my friends can see", thang.

Yeah, we still "get our nut"if you will, but respect counts for something, believe it or not, and that lily-livered caving to the whiny-bitch "Marmalards" on the right still sets my—and I'm sure your jaw a little fucking funny. So, I contacted jetBlue's corporate communications division, and said this:

From: xxxxxxxxxxxx@xxxxxx.com
Subject: On your company's yanking public sponsorship of Yearly Kos '07
Date: July 20, 2007 4:39:23 PM EDT
To: corporatecommunications@jetblue.com

I was just informed that your company has asked to have it's logo taken off the sponsorship list of companies providing services for Yearly Kos '07, in response to the rabble-rousing by Bill O'Reilly and his racist online co-hort Michelle Malkin.


I fly with jetBlue exclusively. I've liked flying on jetBlue and have recommended it to friends. Cross-country, short hops—and I was considering using jetBlue to fly to YearlyKos at the last minute. Even through the P.R. nightmares the company's dealt with insofar as the "delay on the tarmac/weather hold-up" issues of late, I have stood by my patronage of jetBlue.

But no more.

I am surprised that whoever is in charge of media relations for your company doesn't understand what was being done here. it was O'Reilly and Malkin using the megaphones of their media access to shut down a voice on the left—and they used your company as a pawn. They are trying to scuttle the convention by influencing the sponsors—and mangling and misrepresenting the words that have appeared on the Daily Kos site. Are you not familiar with O'Reilly's vile comments on kidnapped children, murdered moms and his own troubles as a sexual harasser?

Is Malkin's championing of internment camps for Muslims in the U.S. something you condone? Her smearing of John Kerry as having shot himself for medals? And her cozy alliance with hate sites/groups like VDare?

Apparently the pressure from those two, and their retrograde band of sycophants is something your company sees as valid—their issues legitimate.

And with that being the obvious case, I will no longer use your airline. Which is unfortunate, because the quality of your service is quite good—the best that I've experienced recently. But I will not spend my money with people who are cowed by the likes of O'Reilly and Malkin—lowfifes both. I would sooner suffer lesser service than allow my intelligence to be insulted, and have my money go to a company that condones what those two have to say. And that's what your knuckling under says.

So spare me your form letter that says how much you appreciate my feedback, or how "this move doesn't indicate a political stance" or whatever canned response you have locked into place. Just understand that I am not joking. Your airline is carrier non grata to me based on this craven move, and it is something I will not soon forget.

You reap what you sow, and you have sown sore serious ill-will from would-be passengers and established customers—of which I am the latter. I will be telling my family—rather frequent travelers of this cowardly move as well. O'Reilly and Malkin are not the only people who can appear to move people to action—but I can guarantee you—I CAN move myself and my family to action.

Xxxxxxxx Xxxxxx

I would suspect...that the folks in the big, blue hangar at jetBlue HQ got from us, a bit more than the 1200 still-wet mimeographs they got from the aforementioned flying monkey squad. My guess is the countering response from us is why jetBlue didn't totally bitch down. Cold comfort, that—but you know for damn sure that were this 2004, the airline would've totally flaked out, and then pulled a “Cheney”, trying to wangle an apology from the crew at Kos. Didn't quite go down like that in '07.

As Lex Luthor said of a silly plan to neutralize the fully matured, more indestructible than ever, and decades of yellow sun-exposed Superman in the Kingdom Come graphic novels, "The old kryptonite doesn't pack quite the same punch it used to."

So Fox News/the right presses the battle, going from "The Howl" (O'Reilly), and "The Screech" (Malkin) to..."The Droning, Fucking Whine". Enter, this weekend on Faux News Sunday—"The Poison Dwarf", William Kristol:

KRISTOL: Every Democratic presidential nominee is going to the DailyKos convention. That’s the left-wing blogger who was not respectable three or four years ago. The Howard Dean kind of sponsor. Now the whole party is going to pay court to him and to left wing blogs. Not a single one is going to the Democratic Leadership Council meeting in a couple of weeks. That’s the organization that Bill Clinton was head of in the early ’90s — that was supposed to be the new, more moderate Democratic Party. The Democratic Party has gone left and it will hurt them in 2008.

All that need be known about the elfin, Boys Department-shopping, wingnut apparatchik, and his notability for knowledge of things political is that the wee clown actually wrote last a column last weekend, titled—don't you fucking laugh— "Why Bush Will Be A Winner", and opened it with the classic lede: "that I suppose I'll merely expose myself to harmless ridicule if I make the following assertion: George W. Bush's presidency will probably be a successful one."

This soft-gummed, lapdog is who is in the ring now on the tag, attacking Markos, the Netroots, and the realization that the two entities are far closer to the American mainstream than his twitchy, rictus-ed ass has ever actually been.

The feebleness of the attacks thus far, mean two things only. One, that the right is deeply addled and flailing. The second thing it means is that they're gonna keep trying over the next few days to discredit the Netroots, and by extension Yearly Kos, to spitefully lead-anchor the rocket that is the fast rising in popularity, and political influence internet Left. These people aren't above winnowing their way in next to you and casting aspersions on your beliefs and words via online skullduggery. Watch for obvious trollery and agent provacateurism about you.

It is indeed a desperate time for these clowns. A desperate and angry time. And while that desperation easily inspires the natural impulse of laughter when the inevitable fuck-ups on their part occurs, keep an eye out, and shut 'em down—and oh yes, let everyone you know the real deal about the "accusers".

Even if it means you must find yourself discussing...yes, falafel. Ewwwwwww.